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Re: What is your post Chap 7 BK Fico?
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aussiesareforever wrote:

670 EQ, 672 TU, almost 4 years post BK

Looks like my scores have come up some since December. 730 TU (pulled by Barclays after I applied for the Apple card), 708 EQ on MyFICO.


I'm not too eager to check my scores anytime soon. I'll do that once I pay down the 0% interest balance I have on the Apple card.

BK in 2008, after making very stupid financial. decisions.

Barclay's Apple Financing Card ($6400) --- Capital One Quicksilver ($13,000)---GEMB CareCredit ($5700) --- AUFCU ($10000)--- Walmart ($5000)

FICO Scores: TU 735 EQ 709 EX 740 (Feb 2013, all pulled by lender TU 747 (May 2015)