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Re: How to rebuild your score after a ch7 BK

Misshopeful72 wrote:
Several of my Debts that were included in my bankruptcy say derogatory. So your saying they should say current? Is there any case law or something that I can say to the credit bureaus to make them fix that?

IIB is officially a derogatory status (it's bad).  But you don't owe the debt and you aren't late anymore.  I disputed mine w/ IIB, Zero Balance, Not Late and most of them got cleared up.  There are still a couple that are reporting IIB/Derog (or even charge off/derog, if before the BK) on mine, but since they're well before the BK date, I don't find it worth my time to try and keep fighting.  Notice the "give up" clause in my OP.


Also, Derogatory and Delinquent are 2 very different things.  I have zero delinquents across all 3 CRAs, but several derogs (IIB).  You are NOT delinquent on anything that's IIB and it should be fought tooth and nail until it's fixed.  USAA Credit Monitoring has a quickie page that reports how many "delinquents" you have, if you happen to use USAA's CM tool.



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