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Re: *Help* How does filing work?
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Let me explain my situation. I am 22 years old and I basicly financially ruined myself when I lost my job etc.. I piled up medical bills and got into an accident and was going to get sued by a credit company. I had no choice but to file. I went on and found an amazing lawyer. I put down 300 bucks to retain my lawyer. I had a autoloan and the car company wanted to try and repo because I was one payment behind and my lawyer did not want me to go through any more hardship so he filed for me! I was so greatful I put down another 250 to pay down my 1000 dollar balance. With my income I qualified for the courts to waive my bk court fees. Now I am on a 50 dollar a month payment plan. He allows me to pay what I can to get by. I still don't have a job but I am greatful for my attorneys help!


edit: not all accounts have to be included but you have to disclose all accounts you have. The courts still have to send your creditors a letter whether you include them or not. They may choose to close your line of credit if they wish whether you include them or not! So beaware.


Also in california, a chapter 7 no asset case discharges all debt no matter if it was included or not just as long it the debt was incurred before the file date.

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