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Re: How to rebuild your score after a ch7 BK

BaBAM! EQmyFICO=677 18 months and 5 days post discharge using the above plan!


For those of you who say "secured" or "don't worry about your balance" I just want to remind you that this plan is for people who are coming out of bankruptcy.  If they are anything like me, I lacked the discipline to "buy only what I can afford to pay cash for".  The plan above helps wrangle that in while rebuilding.  Also, it's a nice little ego boost everytime you see your scoreWatch tick up... helped to keep me on plan anyway!




PS, I'm changing the title of the thread to remove some ambiguity.

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Starting Score: ~470 preBK(8/2010)
Current Scores as of 8/2/13: EX 710, EQ 691, TU 709, all 3 LP for a Mortgage (TriMerge Report)
Goal Score: 700+ FICO across the board w/ my BK still on there (until 8/2020) - I think they're all already there... haven't had a bank pull a trimerge in quite a while.