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Re: Journey through Chapter 13
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Hello All:


I've been reading some of these posts;  Believe me when I tell you this, you have a very long road to go;  This is no picnic, and believe me there are a lot of "grey areas" when it comes to a Chapter 13;   I'm not trying to down what you are doing;  I've been down the same road you are getting ready to go down, and it's not pleasant;  I've almost completed month 56 out-of 60, and I'm completely drained from this experience, both financially and emotionally;  It can rip familes and relationships completely apart;  You're going to get sick and tired of a wage garnishment, every month for five years, taken out every week, or every 2 weeks;  Just a friendly suggestion to all of you that are going to be meeting with a US Trustee in regards to a proposed plan;  They don't want to hear it;  In their eyes, we shouldn't of allowed ourselves in getting in this kind of a situation in the 1st place;  You are basically asking them for mercy, and when you meet with them, they are going to tell you what they want, and they don't want to hear what you want;  If you are caught leaving credit cards, and any type of unsecured debt out-of the plan, they can and will dismiss your case, so you need to include everything;  Trust me when I tell you this;  Given that you have a certain proposed budget, and given these economical times, they will probably be looking at everything under a microscope;  I do wish all of you the best in your "60 month journey", but also be aware that you will be living off of cash for the next 5 years, and if you need to buy and automobile, it will be treated like a act of congress, in getting the Trustee to go for it, or anything else that requires credit, but again, good luck to all of you;  If you have any questions, please ask;  Thanks


Just remember this as well, in regards to a Chapter 13:  For every 100 people that file, only about 12 finish, so it takes a lot of discipline and faith;  Please don't get discouraged;  Good Luck!