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Re: Journey through Chapter 13
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Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are completely different arenas;  It has to do with above and below median incomes;  In a Chapter 7, you don't have to deal with a Trustee for 60 months;  In a Chapter 7, you can buy something on credit within a few months;  In a Chapter 13, you have to wait until the 60 months have gone by, and you're always under the thumb of the Trustee;  You have to provide tax statements every year in a Chapter 13;  That's not the case in a Chapter 7;  You have to get permission from the courts for everything in a Chapter 13;  That's not the case in a Chapter 7;  Having your pay goes up or down, can affect how much you pay each month;  The Trustee closely monitors everything for the 1st 2 years in a Chapter 13;  That's not the case in a Chapter 7;  A Chapter 7 is like probabtion whereas Chapter 13 is like a prison sentence;   I'm just saying that there's a lot of people on here that are at the beginning with this, and I just want them to realize that this is a long road, and please fight for the best situation, as you will be in that situation for a long time;  I've been doing this for almost 5 years, and it's no fun;  You just have to get used to it;