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Re: Journey through Chapter 13

Amen 4indycity...My DH and I are month 24 of a 60 month plan.  It's awful, I hate it, I will be sooo glad when it's over.  When we initially filed we could have done a Chapter 7 but had to do a 13 because the things we were behind on weren't dischargable - we weren't in credit card trouble but my husband had been laid off for a year and his child support got behind because we couldn't afford $600 a month when he was only getting $800 from unemployment.  I need a car so bad but I can't buy one because we want to move out of the ghetto.  It's more important to us to get our son in a decent school that it is for me to be driving a new car and we obviously can't keep asking the trustee for more and more things on credit.  We will ask for the mortgage in a few months which we have to keep pretty equal to the rent we currently pay and that limits us on houses to look at then use our little savings to get me a fairly decent car.  Overall, the trustee isn't an issue with us, we never hear from them.  It's the being bound by cash for everything and losing the freedom to "do what we want".   My plan is to find a foreclosure that we can have some equity in and buy this dreadful thing out as soon as we can!