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Re: Journey through Chapter 13

Thanks for the input, Rhaeny! Since we have been in a DMP for the last two and a half years, we really have learned to live on a cash basis. I am thankful that amongst all that this bankruptcy means, we are not also having to learn for the first time how to live on cash. But I do worry about my dad's health. If something were to happen, I don't know how we would come up with the money to fly out West. I hope and pray that we can get on our feet and put a little money aside just in case for this very reason.


After meeting with the attorney on Monday, we are modifying our case to include the credit card issued by DH's employer and all my student loans. We have received notice that the trustee is objecting to my retirement loan repayment, the student loans being paid outside our plan and something about exemptions being exceeded. This last one, I am not really sure what that is about. We also received notice about a hearing before a judge to decide on these objections to our case. However, our attorney's office has assured us that they are working to resolve these issues and there is very little chance that we would have to appear at this hearing. All of this really stresses me out.


Thankfully, I did double check, and our 60 months started with our filing date. This is especially good since it looks like it will take a while to get our plan confirmed. I'm so sorry that you have had to pay longer than 60 months, Rhaeny. :smileysad:

Filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy 04/12 after two and a half years in a DMP. So wish we would have done the BK sooner. Live and learn!