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Re: What is your post Chap 7 BK Fico?

Filed CH 7 12/2007, discharged 3/2008.


I have no idea what my scores were, as I wasn't pro-active about rebuilding until April 2011 and still didn't fully understand credit... I'm just now really getting a good grasp on it, but still have lots of questions!  I started out monitoring with TC (FAKO score BTW-didn't know that until I stumbled onto myFico the beginning of the week!). 


April 2011 FAKO

TU 618, EQ 615, EX 625


February 2012 FAKO

TU 654, EQ 643, EX 659


June 2012 FICO

TU 646, EQ 623, EX ?


If you want more details about my personal situation, I started a thread that has it along with some questions!