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Re: What is your post Chap 7 BK Fico?
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Well, its been a while since I checked so I pulled the reports from MyFico yesterday:  TU 705 EQ 682

EQ is not reflecting a zero balance on my Barclays card - for some reason it posted on TU but not on EQ??? So with a large balance reporting on EQ it reflects it in my score Smiley Sad


BK 7 discharged Jan 2009

I'm still stuck with a bunch of low limit subprime cards: Best Buy ($800), Cap One ($750 credit steps), Credit One ($800), FP ($800) Smiley Sad

I have an iTunes cc from Barclays and I don't know if that is subprime or semi prime or what?? But it is the only semi decent limit I have ($2200) other than Jared's at $10,000  Plus I have my old Nordstroms showing $2k available but its really not, its iib. (For some reason the account doesn't show iib, just zero bal)

I also have a Chase auto loan with a decent balance and rate, but that doesn't really affect the score much, does it?


Still working on getting it together with better limits.  If I close the sub prime cards will it be easier to get a prime one? Should I close the FP and BB first? What is a better strategy?