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Re: What is your post Chap 7 BK Fico?

Discharge: 1/6/2006

TU: 731

EQ: 727


These fluctuate a lot though down to a bit under 700 because my gf is in law school and with supporting her I simply can't always keep the reported balances <10% (actually they are at about 19% with the above scores).


I am completely unable to get any decent cards though I have a Cap1 card with a 6k limit (and it's been at that limit for about 5 years now). Two HSBC cards that recently got acquired by Cap1 at 2200 and 2400. I haven't tried to apply for a CC in a while, but the last time I did my scores were around 700, already had the 6k line with cap1 and got rejected everywhere I tried. I don't know if that is because my BK included cards from almost every major issuer (WaMu, Chase, Discover, AMEX) or what, but I seem untouchable even now nearly 7 years out., I had even opened up a PenFed acount several years ago in an attempt to get one of thir cards as they were supposed to be "easy". Any suggestions would be great! I have a mortgage, student loans and had a car loan (up until a a couple of years ago) so my credit mix is good. I have zero lates since the BK - and at this point nearly every late is off since they drop around 7 years. I have a fairly high income... also I *NEVER* get offers in the mail ever - I must be on some black listSmiley Happy Not even for "bad" cards - nothing.