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Re: Journey through Chapter 13

Thank you, rhaeny & jrd4013. Our creditor's meeting was June 7th and there were some objections to clear up. Our attorney has said that we have nothing to worry about but I feel like I do a whole lot of worrying. Tomorrow there will be a hearing about the objections and our attorney will be there with a modified plan but he said that we do not need to be there. It all feels so strange and I feel like we are a long way from confirmation. But, until then, we are "flying low", sending in our payments on time, and letting the attorney work out the objections. He said that our proposed payment shouldn't change. I really hope that it doesn't as we have worked out a budget we can live on with that payment and it comes down to the dollar.


For those of you who filed chapter 13, how long was it between your creditor's meeting and confirmation of the plan? Were there any objections to your plan?

Filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy 04/12 after two and a half years in a DMP. So wish we would have done the BK sooner. Live and learn!