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Re: Journey through Chapter 13

Math_Rocks wrote:


For those of you who filed chapter 13, how long was it between your creditor's meeting and confirmation of the plan? Were there any objections to your plan?

For me it took 6 months between the 341 meeting and the final confirmation (Mar thru Aug 2007).  I got soooo lucky to be the first BK case that Ford decided they wanted to object to the handling of their account.  Something about how the statute was listing them as an unsecured creditor because of the lease.  Any hoot, that took 6 long months and that was the only objection.  The trustee didn't object to the plan payments and some of the creditors didn't even file a claim.  So that's why, due to the laws in Michigan that your case doesn't start until confirmation, that I have been officially paying for 64 months and in the end a total of 66 months to end my case.

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