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Looks like Chase has a looonnnngggg memory! - Has anyone gotten a Chase Freedom after BK?
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I had posted in the thread asking about what our post BK FICO scores are now.  BK 7 filed 9/08 and discharged Jan 2009.


My scores are below: 705 (TU) and 682 (EQ).  I mentioned I was trying to get out of the subprime cards, because all the rebuilding I am doing now is through Cap One, Best Buy, Credit One, First Premier (ewww) and Barclays itunes. They are all sub prime except for the Barclays card, I think it might be a prime or semi prime.


So I took the plunge and apped for Chase Freedom (dumb, I know now).

Got denied right away. Called for a recon and spoke to a rep. They pull EQ. The rep said I had to wait a while because of the BK. I asked how long. She said 10 years!



Turns out that my EQ report is not showing any AAoA. It shows zero!  It is some sort of software glitch because I never had that issue before and now all the beginning dates of every line of credit, cc and mortgage that I have had for many, many years was shown "backward" so the AAoA reflected as zero in one spot and NaN in another. 


Course I didn't know that when I was talking with the Chase rep. so I think that is a huge factor.  Then she mentioned the $15k that I BK'ed on Chase in 2008.  So it looks like I am in subprime territory for a while because I had Chase, BOA and some other prime cards at the time. 


Has anyone else had a Chase card after including Chase in their BK? And if so, how long was it before approved you?


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BUMP! Looking for anyone that has received a Chase card after their BK...please give your experience and how long since you were discharged (and if you had included them in your BK). Thanks!