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Re: 1st CC post Ch.7 BK....Next steps???

Just wanted to update my post. Will be using it to document my progress.


As of today, I have a capital one platinum unsecured card with 750 CL, a credit one card with 400 CL, and a credit builder loan (1000 for a 12 month term).

I will be gardening with these for 11 months and then check my scores.


I managed to dispute 3 collections that were reporting after my bk 7 discharge. I also have a few baddies that will be falling off first half of 2013 so I am expecting small boosts once these occur. My cards have not reported yet, only the credit builder loan. Expecting a boost in score in the next few months as well from them.


Not sure but hoping to reach my goal for 2012 or at least make it out of the 500's.

Starting Score: EQ:531 (06/14/12) TU: 578 (06/16/12) EX: 555 (06/23/12)
Current Score: EQ:647 (10/04/12) TU: 621 (08/04/12) EX: 654 (05/15/13) App from CU
Goal Score: 2012 Goal Met. 2013 - 660+ across the board

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Rebuilding Tools: Cap1 (750), Credit1 (400), Aspire FCU CBL (1000)