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Re: Just received my trustee meeting date..
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for me i used freecredit (experian) just for the clean up. i loved to watch big balances turn to zero as each account was iib the 2 days after discharge was like a wave of updates bammm zero balance discharged in BK 7. watching scores go up (fako but still fun) even judgments got updated to discharged and one just fell off. it was worth the cost for me to pull a fresh report everyday for just the cost of the monthly plan. i also use smartcredit for TU  and myfico for EQ

Bankrupcy 7 Filed 2/20/2012
Discharged 6/18/2012
FICO as of 7/6/2012
TU 630 Classic (04)
EQ 641 FACTA Beacon 5.0
EX 607 Fair Isaac (ver. 2)