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Re: Bankruptcy FAQs

I don't know what those 12 factors are.  


If the creditor/creditors in the bankruptcy felt you didn't keep up your end of the bargain then maybe they may play a factor in how you obtain future credit.


As I see it, one such creditor is doing this to me as we speak. GM BANK for instance, has many entities in the credit world, or has taken over many of the faltering companies. I say this because every retailer has had or is affliated with them.  Just the other day Pay Pal offered to give me a chance to have a credit card. But GM rejected it.  I'm not going to apply for anything else because of this.


Other things, such as how you went bankrupted and why?   In my case - why did I go on a short vacation before I decided to go bankrupted?  It looked like I planned it all and left them holding the bag? 

When really that wasn't the case...I had a death in the family - Yet I struggled to work with the BOA bank ..nothing worked. It was my last resort.


I am however, going to defend myself and hold my head up and not between my legs against people who want to make life hard on me.  This is causing me not to get employment and also to find a place to live.