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Wal Mart Card post bankruptcy

Hello all, I seem to recall reading several posts from people mentioning Wal Mart was prior bankruptcy friendly. I filed in 2011 and included a walmart account. I recently got back in with WFNNB and figured I would give GE a shot through walmart. Be nice to have as an emergency backup card since they sell practically everything. Applied online and was denied, letter states pulled TU and bankruptcy reason for denial. 


Does GE blacklist? How long does GE make you set out before approving you for new accounts with them? Since GE now issue so many store cards I'd like to start rebuilding that relationship, 


Thanks for any advice. 

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Re: Wal Mart Card post bankruptcy

I was able to get a GE Care Credit card in 2011, but applied for walmart june 2012, and was denied due to bkrptcy.  I have score of almost 700 and not been late since Jan 2009. I was still denied.  I was also denied Credit increase last year on my Care Credit.   For first time in June, I got a Merrick bank offer with no annual fee.  I accepted the 1000 cL. I attempt to keep all my cc at zero balance.    I did not owe anything to GE or walmart in my bankruptcy. 

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Re: Wal Mart Card post bankruptcy

My bankruptcy was discharged in Jan of '10. Started off with a Cap 1 secured for $200. (now $300) followed by an unsecured Cap 1 ($500) and Orchard (also $500). Both of them now have $750 limits. and my scores are in the mid-600 range. I'm going to try for Walmart in a few weeks. From reading in the credit card section of this site, they look to be hit or miss. I'm going to apply for a few different cards in a short time with them at the top. As you mention, they sell post everything so it will come in handy. 

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Re: Wal Mart Card post bankruptcy

My ch7 was discharged April 2010 and I was just approved for the store card with a 800 cl.  They pulled TU - score = 673.  Currently have a few store cards and some rebuilders.  

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Re: Wal Mart Card post bankruptcy

i had a ch7 bk discharged in 8/09. never had any ge accts before because i was always denied. ge has been showing me so much luv in the last couple months:

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walmart store card 500

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Re: Wal Mart Card post bankruptcy

I was just approved for a Walmart card 14 months post bk.  My bk discharged 07/2012.  I applied for Walmart in 02/2013...denied.  Decided to wait until a year post discharge.  Approved for 1200 09/2013.  I did include GE in my bk with a JCPenney card, but it was not reporting either time that I applied because I was able to get it disputed off.  Don't know if that made a difference or not.  Good luck, All!

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Re: Wal Mart Card post bankruptcy

I was approved for a Wal-Mart card 11/12, seven months after BK 13 discharge.  Only $150 limit but have gotten an increase every 4 months, currently $950.  Hoping for another increase soon.

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Re: Wal Mart Card post bankruptcy

Yes i had a bankruptcy march 2012 and i did burn a sams club card and was able to get a walmart about 7 mos after the discharge for 150 limit lol but yes u can get back into ge good grace but so far ive not been able to get an increase so go figure and my fico is 636. Also i have several credit accounts and pay on time every month! My utilization does vary and right now its about 49% but has been much lower and still want give me an increase. I figure they maybe waiting for a year anniversary on the card before they start initiating cli. Just a theory lol.

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Re: Wal Mart Card post bankruptcy
I got a $500 Walmart 7 months after discharge.

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Re: Wal Mart Card post bankruptcy

I cannot seem to get one, although I have not tried since either early this summer or last fall....Have only received one actual paper denial which makes me think that they are not even pulling my report any more.  I have given up on them for the time being...may try in December since they do seem to be more willing around the holidays.  And my utilization will be lower by that time as well, will only have balances on 2 cards the rest will all be paid.  I know, not supposed to carry balances but my son had a couple of incidents and needed my help - insurance deductibles and of course car tires as well.


Prior to BK I did have a Sams card, was actual credit card, not just store card....paid it off.  They closed due to inactivity and it was in good standing which makes it even harder to understand their consistant denials for me.  I just get "BK - Denial"


Oh well hopefully, they will approve me this time around as they are our local grocery/everything store in the area and shop there every week.


Fingers crossed




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