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Re: Looks like Chase has a looonnnngggg memory! - Has anyone gotten a Chase Freedom after BK?

I am bumping this as I too would like to know if anyone included Chase in a BK and ever got credit with them again.  And if so, how long did it take.


We filed 06/01 and the BK no longer shows on any of the credit reports.  I applied for an Amazon Chase card last Fri and received the rejection letter today.  The reason given is "delinquency or other degrogatory relationship with our bank".  


They pulled Equifax which I had pulled prior to applying and my FICO score is / was 811.


We currently have a Chase card but it was formerly something else and Chase bought them.  Never been late on this card so that is not the account they are referring to.  And I think it is ironic that they are on the credit report as an account in good standing and part of the reason I have an 811 score but now the don't want to give me credit Smiley Happy