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Re: Non-traditional student loan - Is it dischareable?

This one is interesting the article states student may use the money to cover tuition, books supplies and purchase a computer plus living expenses similar to a traditional student loan. I have never heard of this particular company nor Microsoft being in the private student loan market. They are undoubtedly going to argue its a student loan and therefore not discharged by your bankruptcy. Do you have  schedule F from your bankruptcy listing them as an unsecured creditor? I'd suggest sending a copy of that schedule showing the loan as included along with the bankruptcy discharge to Experian, Equifax and Transunion by certified mail to dispute the debt and attempt to collect as being in violation of the bankruptcy discharge. Or you could contact your attorney and have him send the creditor a letter stating it was discharged and to remove it before he files a motion to charge them with attempting to collect a discharged debt.  


I know you want to get this off your report and avoid waking the sleeping giant. You could send a copy of the discharge to the court that ordered the summary judgment post bankruptcy to dispute the judgment asking it be set aside. Good luck to you, student loans are terrible to deal with, I wish I had never taken mine out.