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Re: Capitol One - Excellent Credit?

I've never heard of Innovis - I'll have to look that up. Thanks.


Tried again today to talk to someone, but they just don't get it. I feel the same way, Polarbeardad, it's like they just want you to apply, and let the chips fall where they may. I'm trying to be responsible and not have inquires... I'll wait a couple of months, I think. I just figured out that Cap 1 now is part of HSBC. I have a card from them, so that raises another question..... Will they not approve you if you have too many cards with them (Cap 1 and HSBC)? Your credit could be great, but if you already have a couple of cards, they probably don't want to extend themselves even more.


I can't say enough how wonderful it feels to have the BK off my credit report.. finally. It's been a long time coming. It's made me realize that I have sort of put my life on hold because of it. I originally filed because of a failed business and eventual divorce. I was too embarrased and ashamed to put myself out there and have to tell someone that. I have worked my tail off getting to where I am now, and it feels like a weight has been lifted. I just want to encourage everyone out there, your happy day will come too!