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Re: Journey through Chapter 13

I'm hoping my SUV will last until I can get out from under this Ch13.  It has over 130,000, but so far no major mechanical problems.  Although it has been hit 3 times already.  My goal is the same as yours.  I want to purchase a home instead of renting.  My landlord refuses to fix anything.  I live in Georgia and in the summer, the inside air conditioning unit turns into a block of ice.  We have to turn off the thermostat and wait until it melts (usually 2-3 hours).  The inside temperature in the house will reach 90 degrees or higher. Last week when it happened, my landlord stood there with a blowdryer for almost an hour trying to get it to melt, LOL.  I asked him why doesn't he just replace it and he said it costs too much.  We've looked into moving and renting somewhere else; but that open Ch13 on the credit report closes a lot of doors.

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