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Re: List of bankruptcy friendly creditors?

Filed Jan 2011, discharged Jun 2011.  Lost job and stopped paying August 2008.

   Discover Card $10,000  (judgement Dec 2010.  Stopped reporting judgement Jan 2012 (EX, EQ) TU currently reporting.  All 3 CBs reporting T/L.)

   Chase Bank CC: $20,000 (charge off Dec 2009)

   BoA: $25,000 (Charge off Jan 2010)

   Simmons (ARK): $5,000  (Judgement Dec 2010, stopped reporting the judgement and T/L Nov 2011.)

   WFHM (primary house): $130,000 first mortgage, $30,000 2nd Mortgage  NOT reaffirmed

   WFHM (vacation house): $95,000 first mortgage, $10,000 2nd mortgage NOT reaffirmed but foreclosure.  Foreclosure did not report

   Citi: (personal loan): $10,000 (Charged off Jul2010)


1) Apped Cap1 Jul 2011 (one month after discharge) Approved C/L $500 unsecured.  Increased to $750 after 9 monthly payments.

Pulled Credit Nov 2011 Low 500s.  Began clean-up.  I had deliquent S/Ls, Tax Lein, 2 judgements, 1 foreclosure (Foreclosure did not show up at anytime)


2) Applied Orchard Bank APR 2012 Approved $1500 Unsecured


3) Applied for new car APR 2012 with Cap1 Auto Finance.  Approved for $25,000 @ 8.9%.  Ally Financial came in at 6.9% so I took that.

Cap1 called me May 2012 with another offer $30,000 @ 6.9% but I did not take.  I told her that if she could go down to 5.9%, I would take it.  They declined.


4) Apped Walmart  Jul 2012 (myFICO EQ 671) Denied due to "Bankruptcy on file".  I called for a recon, and the Indian speaking woman said, "whatever the letter says"   

     I'm  thinking because I put Discover IIB, I get penalized


4) Apped Barclays Apple Financing Jul 2012 approved $2000 C/L unsecured.


So 13 months after discharge: $4250 in unsecured credit and $21,000 car loan.



Ex-wife was joint on all accounts.  She filed the same day as we used the same attorney.

She did not have any deliquent S/L.  Nor did she have a tax Lein.  Otherwise she has the same credit file as mine.

I handled her re-building process and duplicated what I did.  I make $85K and she makes $30K


Apped Cap1 Jul11 (denied due to BK on file) 

I put her as AU on my approved Cap1.  Cap1 is reporting this T/L on her report.

Apped Orchard Bank (Cap1) Feb12 (denied due to BK on file)

Apped Cap1 Apr12 approved $500 C/L


Apped Cap1 Rewards Jul2012 approved $3000 C/L unsecured

Apped Barclays Apple Jul 2012 approved $2000 unsecured


MyFICO:  EQ 679, TU 659 (Jul 2012).  Her myFICO EQ jumped to 689 due to approved Cap1 Account


Her story 14 months after discharge:  $5700 unsecured C/L.  Im trying to get her to co-sign my auto loan so she will get the T/L on her report.


So far, BK7 was the single best event I ever did to help myself.  It took me about 3.2 seconds to "get over" the shame but I did.  The Ex wife is having a little more difficult time with the shame.



F'08 APR16: EQ714, EX675, TU679; Clean since BK7 D/C 6/2011