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Re: List of bankruptcy friendly creditors?
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My wife and I did chapter 13 in 2009.My company went out of buisness and it was converted to a chapter 7in January 2012. 

My credit score is 667 experian 681 equifax and 670 transunion. We now have a capital  rewards 2000 limit, Barclay joint account with my wife 3100 limit, 

Barclay reward 2000 limit, my wife has a capital one 1000 limit, and we both have orchard cards with 650 limit each. My wife still works and has a good job. We owe about 1200 in credit cards, but I really want to improve my score so we could buy a home soon. I'm surprised when apple approved us for theBarclay card. I would like to apply for the Barclay us airways card but afraid to get declined. 

Transunion 698
Equifax 713
Experian 700
Goal Score 750