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Re: Looks like Chase has a looonnnngggg memory! - Has anyone gotten a Chase Freedom after BK?

I claimed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in May 2002.  I never had any relationships directly with Chase, and Chase was not listed on my schedule of creditors.  I applied and received a Chase card in June 2004, and was approved for a $5000 limit.  I also had a Washington Mutual Visa approved in 2004 with a $5500 limit that Chase eventually took over.  Both of these cards were non rewards earning cards.  I tried to get a reward card for a few years, and everytime Chase disapproved because of bankruptcy.  As soon as the Bankruptcy fell off, I was approved for a CSP in April 2012.  When I applied, even though the BK was no longer on my CR (I verified before applying), Chase told me that one of the debts I included in bankruptcy was bought by Chase after the Bankruptcy, and that is why I had to wait 10 years. 

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