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Bankruptcy and car re affirmation
Ok here's my problem. I file bankruptcy in February. And supposedly I was able to re affirm my car loan and keep my car. Everything was going good and I have been on time every payment. Even got my score up to 592.

Now all of the sudden my fico alerts me that my score has dropped to 576! Because the car loan is being reported as discharged in the bankruptcy. Appearantly it was never reaffirmed and they have just been letting me keep the car because I'm in good standing.
But it's hurting my credit because I have no car loan being reported now.

So heres my question, do I let them have this car back and go get another car loan that will actually help my credit?

Is it going to hurt my credit anymore if I do give it up? Because its being reported as discharged in bank zero balance owed.

Please any advise is appreciated