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Re: Bankruptcy FAQs

Hi Maggie,


Thanks for the input.  Unfortunately, my only close relative is going through her second series of chemo, so there is no one that can help at this point (she has major problems of her own).  I will contact our local senior organization to see if anyone there can assist me, but I don't hold out much hope based on past experience.


I'm under enormous stress (which is exascerbating my condition) because this is just one of many financial dominoes that continue to fall.


I will have to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, since there is no way I can pay anything back (unless I hit the lottery ?).  I wish I could do the paperwork myself, but that is impossible.  I have to hope that Legal Aid will come through on this.


Has anyone else ever had Legal Aid help with their bankruptcy?  I also have to try to get the financial counseling that's required prior to filing.


It just never ends.