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Re: Bankruptcy and car re affirmation

Freakshow77 wrote:
Thanks that helps alot. I did sign the paperwork I remember for sure doing it that why I can't believe this is happening.

And a special thanks to myfico! I would have never even known this was going on without there alerting me of it

The reaffirmation agreement has to be filed in your case prior to your discharge. Go to PACER dot gov and download a copy of your case to make sure the reaffirmation was actually filed with the court on time.

If it has been, then contact the creditor to have them correct the reporting to accurately reflect your payments. You may need your BK attorney to send the letter to the creditor if they don't respond to your request.


Not all lenders will report payments after you reaffirm. I reaffirmed a vehicle and the CU did report, but it is entirely dependant upon the individual lender.