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Re: Bankruptcy FAQs
I am new to myFico and have found a lot of useful information &  thought I should share my experience with you as I was in a similar situation.

Yes, you  MUST have the financial counseling or your case can be dismissed.  This can be completed on line.  I  was advised by my legal Aid rep to file an emergency petition as she was sure that her office could not get my case filed in time to advert a garnishment of my wages. 


The emergency petition was only 5 or 6 pages that asked general information about your household, income, budget & creditors (I only listed creditors that were currently threatening me)  I filed Pro Se & completed a form asking the court to waive filing fees. (Which in my case was granted)  I was  immediately protected under the automatic stay.


There was also a bankruptcy assistance desk available to help me at the court house.  Legal Aid assisted me with filing the complete petition  which had to be filed within 14 days of the emergency petition.  If time is of the essence,  I would suggest you contact legal aid office right away and also maybe the bankruptcy assistance desk in your area to find out the about their hours of operation.  The assistance desk usually takes only a certain amount of people each day (10 at my court house), no appointments, first come first served and the slots typically fill up fast.


This was just my experience.  You should definitely seek legal advice.


Good Luck & I hope all goes well for you.

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