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OK I have a question guys I want to fill chapter 7

I Currently have  an auto loan  with canalling  if I  fill chapter 7  WIll that  affect my loan with the  company I mean IM doing on time  payments  and everything  good so far  but  my other debts  are  covalently destroying my  credit  and  my life  and  I see chapter 7  as  the new  fresh start  I  just wanted to know  that  if I don't  include gmginancial   on my chapter 7  will they close my loan  and repossess my car  or what  happens   or am I even I allow it to  exclude canalling out of the chapter 7  ???????

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Re: OK I have a question guys I want to fill chapter 7

Have you talked to a lawyer yet?  you can get a free consultation from a lawyer and they can answer those questions for you.  But in most cases you can keep your car  if you decide to.  I dont know your personal situation but a good lawyer will be able to tell you definte yes or not.

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