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Chapter 13 Final Payment
I filed for chapter 13 in August 2009. My 36th and final payment is set for September 1st 2012 (YAY!!!). I am assuming it will be posted September 4th due to the holiday. My monthly payments have been $465 and my balance due is $177.75. Due to the 30 day hold on all checks I send in, I have $1013.89 credit in my account to pay my monthly payments, more than enough for pay off. When I spoke with my attorney's paralegal, she said that even though I will be paid off, I still have to send in the monthly payments of $465 until I receive my discharge letter. Does this sound right to anyone? She said I will get all that money back, but if I don't send in a payment before I get the letter, they will find me in default. Has anyone else heard this? It looks like it's been taking 3-4 months for people to get their discharge letters, and I don't really have an extra $1700 to pay them until I get my letter. Just wondering if anyone else has been told this??? Thanks in advance!