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Re: Business Credit 101
Finally a business credit sectionSmiley Very Happy I have one corportation that has been in business since 2001 but inc since 05, and I just recently Inc another company in Nov. Here are the accts I have obtained:
Biz #1 - Quill Net 30, Uline Net 30, Office Depot $250 (rev), Staples $750 (rev), Grainger $1,000 these were in late july/aug. Amazon $2,000, Shell $1,000, Exxon $1,000 these were Sept. GMAC $35,000 auto lease was in Oct. Dell $50,000, Office Max $5,600, Key Bank MC $4,000, Home Depot Comm $2,000, Home Depot MC $3,200, and Conoco $3,000. All of these were with no PG and 8 reporting on Duns with a paydex of 80 and 3 reporting on Experian with a score of 76.
Brammy you were right you can get bank card with no PG Smiley Very Happy