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Re: Business Credit 101
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Experian Business uses Intelliscore and D&B uses Paydex. The scoring systems are different. D&B is much more widely utilized, by about 5x as many businesses subscribing. Your paydex score is very likely different from your intelliscore.

Busyone, I am a commercial banker. I have worked for large banks and a relatively small bank, and now for myself. I have to reiterate that you should head off to your local bank with the docs in hand that I mentioned earlier. Come ready to tell your story to the bank and see what happens. Know exactly how much of a LOC you want and be prepared to show financials that support your request. Banks will typically want a PG at first, but show them that you will do what you said you will do and they will be willing to listen to requests for releasing the guarantee come annual review time.

edit: Five point capital is equipment leasing. If you want an LOC, head to your bank and establish a relationship with a Comm. Banker.

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