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Re: Business Credit 101
Hi Busyone. I understand that sentiment. There is a lot (far too much) of that going on in the industry. But, in my last bank, I had lending authority, whereby I could lend up to a certain amount aggregate to any one customer or related entity. I made my analyst understand the deal, but I was the lender/banker. I made sure that the deal made sense and didn't put the bank in a compromising position. If it was above my authority, I took it to loan committee in the manner in which it would make the most sense to the board.

Now, I also mentioned that you could negotiate to have that PG removed come annual review time. With that said, what is your EX scores, both you and DH? If you don't have any major derogs and a min. of 660-680, you could app for a WFB unsecured Business LOC for up to $100M (thousand, not million). I was just pre-approved for one. WF Business Bank pulls EX only, according to the rep that I spoke with a few weeks ago.

Best of luck to you.
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