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Re: Business Credit 101
Byrdman,......."DH.........Hmm I could think of somethings for that abbreviation,lol.
Unfortunately, with most of our investment properties in his name and one 30 day on
a mortgage, his is not to good. So at this point most everything is in my name. My Eq.
is the highest as well, but it seems most companies want Exp. I can't for the life of
me understand why that collection for a lousy 40 bucks just won't drop of Exp. Again
it's not on Eq. or TU.  I have all the documentation to show it's long pd.
    Anyway, at this point I am seriously thinking of biting the bullett and going with a
company out of Co.  a access funding group that for a fee will help find you loc's for
your business. My husband and I still have a business that's been in business for over
20 years. With my decent scores I believe we can access some working capital. Thanks again.
   Yeah, the 7 digit # has me perplexed as well. I just know a paydex score is just
 2 #'s.