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Re: Business Credit 101
Please take the following with a grain of salt: They can pull your personal even without your social security number. All they need is your name and your address. Don't enter your EIN number where it askes for social security number. Don't enter your birthdate. Fax in forms instead of going online if an application will not let you continue without inputting the above information. Cross out the relevant Personal Guarantee sections. Do write in your DUNS number and/or EIN number (if available) in the white blank space on your application. A social security number is your personal guarantee. I really hate that so many companies ask their employees to personally guarantee debts for the company. Just because it doesn't appear on your personal credit report, doesn't mean that you aren't legally responsible for those debts if something unforeseen should occur. Too many stories out there of people who have left companies, and months (or years) later there's a surprise for them on their personal credit report. You will not get Discover, Chase, BOA, whomever without a PG as a rule unless have a lot of volume with your bank and creditors; a personal relationship with your bank, if that's who you're going through, will also help tremendously. There are certain boards on the internet which are dedicated to giving free good advice about building and expanding business credit, none of which are able to be named here. But just do a search on google for non-PG business credit. Don't pay anyone to do what you can do for yourself. And absolutely don't pay Dun and Bradstreet, no matter how hard of a sell (inaccurate information intended to scare you, and all) their salespeople give you.