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Re: Business Credit 101

You don't need credit builder to start creating your business credit; however, a marginal few have found it helpful at adding vendors who may not report your credit line otherwise.  Through many, many nights of research, I have found that it seems than most advise against purchasing the CB program.


As far as a single list of net30, I haven't come across any comprehensive and current list, however searching by net30 here and contacting companies that offer the supplies or services you need and check if they offer net30 and report, proves a good starting point.


So far I have net 30 with:


Reliable - actually net 10, but they said I could work my way to net 30 after several timely payments



Grainger - I've had to prepay, but I read that they did to DNB a prepay for someone else

Bags and Bows

Teaching Stuff - they don't report though



I've yet to contact FedEx or UPS, but apparently they offer net30.

Also, Tech Depot offers net30 but won't for home-based businesses, Radio Shack offers net30, but I don't recall their position on home-based businesses.


Hope this helps.