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Re: Recommended Business CC
Thanks Brammy. I have OD card too. I like it and use it often. In the last 2 months I have acquired close to 16 business cards with PG for my startup. In Jan I am planning on going for Line of Credit for my startup. and take my startup nationwide.
That is the reason I am cleaning up my personal credit too. Hope early next year my score would go up from 650 - 700. Amex sent me an offer to get Oasis if I  pay $10.5k  from 1994 my then employer did not pay and I am stuck with it. 
It is lot of money, that too I owed it because my then employer did not pay.  am debating if I should go ahead and take up the offer and get Optima Oasis and later Amex Business Card. I might just go for it and give my self Oasis as Christmas gift for me from my self.
We will see.