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Re: Recommended Business CC
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concorduser wrote:
Hi llecs, Where did you apply for Dell? When I tried to apply it asked my ssno also in addition to my FEIN. I did not proceed. If you have a link to where you applied could you please send it to me? Thanks.

I retraced my steps just a second ago and here is what I did:
I went to Dell and clicked Small & Med. Biz link. I went to Shop and selected a computer and chose the specific model (w/out configuring). I just clicked a link for "Apply". Clicking that will open a new window with the application and it'll ask for contact info, biz name, FEIN, etc. I don't think there is a link that could be posted here because it'll link back to the computer I clicked on. I do know, from experience, that the phone number you put down has to be in your biz name. Good luck.

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