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Re: Recommended Business CC
Hi CreditAddict, trust me about Sams. I have lot of experience dealing with them. It is basically approved by GE. You can print an application and all those things. It is just a waste of time. If you are a member they have all the information online at Sams and customer service can run the app and get you results in 2-5 minutes. That is good thing about Sams they run a tight ship. Also if GE has any questions, Sams CS can ask you and answer to GE and get it approved. I felt lot comfortable dealing with Sams CS than GE directly. If you want a sams card and if you are a member of sams and go to store and it is very easy to get it approved. Keep in mind they GE/Sams pull EX or EQ. I am not sure if the check D&B also or not. For sure they check with EX and EQ.