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Re: Recommended Business CC - FYI
From what I have seen D&B will take at least 3 months to start posting the TL's. Experian is very quick. I have 6 TL listed. Equifax is also good but not very good online support. Also some companies look for EX and some look for EQ and some for D&B.
Most of the time citi looks for D&B. But also they are generous with approving your cards even if you dont have D&B scores in place. I got 6 cards from citi even before my paydex score started showing.
GECF looks at EQ. I had a card from Valero reporting to EQ and then right away GECF approved me for lowes/sams. I applied for sams 3 time before and they kept saying no. As soon valero posted they approved right away.
My suggestion is app for Valero. Let it start reporting.
App for some of the citi cards let them start reporting to D&B.  The report to EX also
App for for first quity or a card like that reports to EX.
Make at least one purchase of at least $100 or more and wait 3 months to get all things posting to your biz report and see your scores go up and up.
I think it is worth paying $99 to smart reports as I check my report every day and I monitor. It also tells me all the inquires and scores and balances. It is a very good tool to check and prevent fraud.
D&B also offers similar but it is more expensive.