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Re: Recommended Business CC

fillibert wrote:
...Code 26 on Staples is what I got before calling them to verify some info and getting approved.  Seems like someone just asked about that on this thread.  Hopefully this helps! 

I had mentioned code 26 on my Staples earlier. Brammy suggested I call. I didn't follow-up until now, but still haven't heard anything. The message, if I recall correctly, mentioned they'll get back with me in 7-10 days. There was no mention of a reference number. I'll wait it out until Friday then I'll call. I'd have to go back to my org. post, but I think we're within 7-10 now, excluding the weekends and Thanksgiving. I did find their number online. I think its 800-282-5330. Let me know if you'all have a different number.