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Re: Biz CC With No PG?
yes there is a section for PG just don't fill it out... it's really hard to get the discover without pg (the employees will tell you) but you don't have to give it.
now the bottom of the application (not the pg section) does ask for you to sign and give social... that is strictly to make you owner of the account, it does not pull your credit or anything.
but since you can add so many people to the sams membership and business credit, they make 1 person primary owner of the account.
after being declined in store and calling I got approved for 1500, then week later when cards came called and got increase to 2500, then last week when I hit 6 months applied for discover again and was declined but they cli to 5000, said wait 3 more months and then try discover again, I'm determined to get it without pg!
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