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Re: Biz CC With No PG?
Staples, Homedepot, Sears, Exxon, Shell, Sunoco and few other biz cards are issued by Citi. They normally look for D&B. Sams, Amazon, Lowes and few other biz cards are issued by GE and they look for EQ Biz. Best thing is to apply for Valero Biz card and let it report to EQ Biz and then apply for GE backed cards. Also OfficeMax and few other biz cards are issued by HSBC and they are even tougher to get. My suggestion, stay with Citi Backed cards for now and once your biz credit file becomes thick then try for other cards.

molly73 wrote:
Well went into Sam's tonight & applied for their Discover Card with no pg....was declined......I said that was fine & asked if I was approved for the store card...he said nope.....he said based on the information he had...he would not be able to offer me a card :smileysad:

Is that odd?
Staples approved me today...I am sure they are looking at the same file huh?