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Re: Biz CC With No PG?


I just got off the phone with Staples and like Harpo they said No PG, No Card.  Hopefully they're wrong though. 




I think it depends on what the needs of your specific business and industry are.  I'm Sole Prop, and may wind up staying that way until I get actual employees.  I'm in web design and work from home, so my personal liability is very small compared to companies like coffee shops (high) and law firms (super high).


I'm no lawyer, but (independent of everything else) if you have employees or need biz insurance or have an office where you meet clients then you should be incorporated.  Because at that point your potential liability goes way up.


If you're going to have a large amount of credit available, I would also incorporate because many things can happen.  But then again I'm a worrywort.  Smiley Very Happy  Since you're already in-process on incorporating, I will say that it is a smart move for many companies!