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Re: Business Credit 101

Hi Everyone,


I am very new to the boards and have been reading through everything. But I am confused by some of the info Tuscani gave on the first page in regards to a duns number. I contacted the Eupdate number he has listed and requested my duns number which i applied for almost a year ago obviously before reading this forum. Anyway here is the response i received from the rep:




This duns number is for a duns support record, not a full file. This means full verifications have not been done to show true legitimacy; full verifications have not been done to separate you from high risk scores; no information interview has been done to build a profile of who you are as a business. This type of duns is mainly for government purposes for non-profit or disaster relief bids for contractors.

Verified DUNS: To go through verifications called the CreditBuilder there will be a fee. This will build a business profile for life. For us to validate through corporate charter or business license to show true legitimacy, validate your public records to prove you are not a high risk company, and do a full information interview to build a business profile for life. That way you can start using your duns number to apply for credit with suppliers, lines of credit with banks, insurance and work with other businesses. If a company asks for a duns number they use us. Please see these options below.

The Credit Builder is one time fee of $329, this builds a full verified report for life.

Credit Builder Plus is $499, which also allows you to add up to six trade references to show paying habits. This will also build a full report for life, plus adding references will gain a paydex score and a rating.

Credit Builder Premium which also allows you to add unlimited references for the next 6 months is $849. Also builds a full profile for life; paydex scores and estimated rating and gains more clout and more history.

Please give me a call. I am in the office from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm.



How should I proceed? Can anyone help? Thanks