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Looking for a new card for my business
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Well, new to the forums. I have been using MyFico for a while ever since I was a victum of identity theft. I have been fighting (and by me, I mean my law firm) the credit bureaus to have a lot of the invalid information removed. So far I have gone from a low 500 to a 630 (on my Transunion and Equifax), and they're still fighting. I currently have a Best Buy card, a NFCU Credit Card and a Military Star Card. I have never missed a payment in my "credit" life, which is a little over 3 years old. I also have a Toyota Fiancial loan and a NFCU personal signature loan, which are in good standings, just like all my other accounts.


I am looking to get a credit card for my business I am starting, and was wondering where I could go for a business card with the credit score I have. I have read that my score is lower than average, and that has kind of put me off from apply at AMEX for a business card. I was looking at Capital One and/or Chase, everywhere I go says "EXCELLENT CREDIT" and it has turned me away from some cards. I tried applying for a NewEgg Business Line of Credit and was turned down due to my businesses lack fo financial history, we just filed as an LLC this year. I was given a loan through ACCION, USA for the business and I have already paid it off, original limit of $3k and paid it off after two months. I am looking for around $1,500 to $2,000 credit limit on the business card, more would be nice but I am not pushing it.