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Re: Chase Ink Business Card approved. My experience for others....
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Congrats!  I just got denied today for the Chase Ink Cash business credit card.  I was approved for the Chase Freedom card last week for 4 k.


I live in PA and they pulled Experian for both the Freedom and Ink Cash applications.


I've tried recon'ing today with no luck.  The reasons they gave me were that I have a charge off account with them from 2004.  I paid the collection agency off for the charge off account and Chase has removed the account from my credit reports. They said it was that combined with last week's application for the Freedom card.


I'm a joint account holder on a Chase Slate card with my fiance that has a $16,750 limit, no balance, no lates.  I thought it would help me.  But they said they want to see how I do with the new Freedom card account before they will approve me for the Ink Cash card.  I've read similar stories from others in this community.  


So I'm giving up for now on the Ink Cash card.....  :smileysad:


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