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Re: Chase Ink Business Card approved. My experience for others....
I just got Approved today also my story is similar to the OP but I have a 600 personal score. My business was started in December 2011 I called in today to check app status after my banker submitted last week. After calling I was told I was denied. I called the same number the OP called and asked for a recon she put me on hold and when I got her back she asked me the same questions as the OP and approved me for $2,500! I really took a long shot on that one but I assume I was approved since they are my bank for both Business and Personal and I also have an Auto loan with them. I'm pretty excited now small limit but I'm sure with time I can get a CLI. I also was approved for a Capital One Spark card as well but not sure if I should keep it now the rep wasn't able to give me the CL I was approved for but I highly doubt it's as much as the Chase Ink I just got.
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