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Re: Chase Ink Cash Approved today $2500 limit

christopherb222 wrote:

Wow I have opened 4 accounts in the last few weeks, but today was the best!! Chase ink cash credit limit of $2500!!


My personal TU is 660 equifax is 665. I have 5 trade lines reporting to business equifax and 6 to dun. My scores would be in the low 700's but I am at 89% UTIL which the lady asked me about today from Chase. I told her I was taking advantage of ZERO interest special and chose to carry balances. I also have $26K in a chase checking I opened Saturday. It was there at the branch when I opened the accout that the banker told me I was pre approved for any ink card. This is the same way I got my chase sapphire.


I also inquired about a 10K short term loan and the banker said with that much in the bank and good enough credit to get the sapphire and ink it would be no problem. I want a small loan like this to pay off in 6 months and then I am going to hit them up for 50K.



I have about 60% untilization this month because im taking advantage of 0% financing with my Apple Barclays card....i wonder if that would make them look past the relatively high utilization in a recon tomorrow?

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